Portable inner liner thickness meter

High and low temperature composite environmental material testing machine

universal material testing machine Lloyd LD10

universal material testing machine Lloyd LS1

Visual appearance inspection

Weld detection device

Automatic product assembly

Single rod production line

Intelligent storage

Material transfer

Line laser tread section thickness measurement system

Tread (side) width measurement, speed control system



BEIJING WOHUA AT TRACTION SCI-TECH CO.LTD.is A COLLECTION DESIGN, development, production, sales, service in one of THE HIGH-TECH enterprises, founded in July 1997, is located in ZHONGGUANCUN SHANGDI HIGH-TECH Park. With years of accumulation in electronics, machinery, automation and other aspects, relying on the advantages of Zhongguancun high-tech Park, a group of experienced, advanced management of high-quality personnel, for the company's development has laid a solid foundation.

System Integration and Information Division was founded in July 1997, the start-up of the foundation plate as the Corporation, we have a number of excellent, innovative high-tech talent, focus on R & D Technology products with independent intellectual property rights. Committed to the rubber, plastics, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, machinery manufacturing, automotive, electronic, paper and other industries, with cutting-edge research and technology, superior product quality, specifically sincere sense of service to win the trust of customers, and to create a comprehensive global quality products and brands.



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